A Commitment to Meticulous Planning and Execution

EG for Exhibitions are more than just events; they are platforms for inspiration, networking, and discovery.



EG for Exhibitions: Elevating Exhibitions to New Heights

EG for Exhibitions has established itself as a prominent player in the exhibition industry, organizing numerous successful events that have earned the trust and confidence of the government. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, EG for Exhibitions has become a go-to partner for organizing exhibitions across various sectors.

Significant Exhibitions

Another significant exhibition organized by EG for Exhibitions, is “MISR ALLATY FE KHATRY“. This exhibition, held for two consecutive years, has achieved unprecedented success in Qatar. It has brought together businesses from the commercial, industrial, and real estate sectors, with the aim of introducing Egyptian companies to the local Qatari market. The event has resulted in numerous contracts and deals, showcasing the potential for fruitful collaborations between Egyptian and Qatari enterprises.

EG for Exhibitions also spearheads real estate exhibitions like “Anta Fe Misr”  (You’re in Egypt), which brings together major Egyptian real estate and construction investment companies. This exhibition offers an exclusive platform for showcasing new products and services to the Qatari market, catering to the needs of local Qataris and expatriates alike. With attractive prices, exclusive discounts, and prime locations offered by prestigious development companies, the exhibition presents a wealth of investment opportunities in the real estate sector.


Captivating Events

EG for Exhibitions’s influence extends beyond exhibitions, as it organizes captivating events such as the Winter Camping and the Summer Commerce Festival at the South Bazaar. These festivals are filled with entertainment and shows for the whole family, creating lively and enjoyable experiences. Visitors can indulge in a range of activities while exploring the vibrant atmosphere of the festivals.


One notable event is TOWERTECH, an international trade fair that showcases tower building and furnishing technologies. Drawing participants from around the globe, TOWERTECH provides a platform for industry leaders and newcomers to explore business opportunities in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf markets. Exhibitors at TOWERTECH benefit from networking with peers, meeting potential buyers, and gaining insights from industry experts. The event serves as a gateway to wealthy markets, enabling exhibitors to expand their reach and forge new partnerships.

International Exhibition and Conference Management

With its expertise in exhibition organization, EG for Exhibitions also offers services such as international exhibition and conference management, stand design and construction, and hosting special events. Its commitment to professionalism, competitive offers, and meticulous planning has set EG for Exhibitions apart from other bidders, securing contracts to organize various events and conferences.  At EG for Exhibitions, we understand that exhibitions are more than just events; they are platforms for inspiration, networking, and discovery.


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