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Economic Group – Group of Successes

The Economic Group, established in 2002, is a major investment conglomerate operating in Qatar and the region. With a diverse range of specialties, the group has made significant contributions to Qatar’s non-oil economy across multiple sectors. The group’s success in the real estate market can be traced back to 2001 when it took the exclusive franchises of the renowned Dream Land in Qatar (Dreamland, a member of Bahgat Group, is acknowledged as one of the largest, privately owned integrated urban development projects, not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East). This marked the beginning of our skyrocketing success in the real estate industry.

Economic Group – Great Foundations

One of the core specialties of the Economic Group is real estate. The group manages residential communities, commercial avenues, and office spaces, delivering top-of-the-line experiences for their customers. We also provide international real estate services, including property investment, brokerage, and access to a wide inventory of international property portfolios.


Commitment to Community and Qatari Cultural Heritage

The Economic Group recognizes the importance of heritage and affordable prices, as seen in the Thursday & Friday Market. Considered one of the oldest markets in Doha, it is a testament to the group’s commitment to preserving Qatar’s soul and heritage while catering to the masses with affordable products.

In conclusion, the Economic Group is a prominent investment conglomerate with a wide range of specialties across various sectors. With a strong presence in Qatar and the region, our extensive portfolio and diverse businesses contribute to the development of Qatar’s non-oil economy. At the Economic Group, we commit to continue to support Qatar’s economic diversification strategy, and to play a significant role in achieving the country’s long-term goals and initiatives.


Wide Range of Businesses

The group is engaged in diverse sectors, including hospitality, retail, production, investments, design, education, trade, exhibitions, facility management, F&B, and property management. Our portfolio encompasses a variety of businesses such as Panache Catering, Express Cleaning, Zone Center Trading, Furniture, and more. Additionally, the group has ventured into the innovative realm of manufacturing green panels.

Key Players in Qatar’s Economic Growth

With over 3,000 employees, the Economic Group is a significant player in Qatar’s economy. Their portfolio of assets is valued at QAR 980 million, underscoring their strong presence in the market. The group not only focuses on generating profits but also aligns with Qatar’s economic diversification strategy, supporting initiatives such as Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar National Innovation Strategy 2020, and Qatar Industrial Strategy. By contributing to the development of sectors like tourism, hospitality, real estate, media, and education, the Economic Group plays an influential role in the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy.


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